Affiliate & Loyalty Program

How to get started to earn free followers and money

  1. Create an Account and login 
  2. Navigate to the “affiliate links” section of your account and copy the link
  3. buy products and view your credits on your account page!
  4. You can also send this link to people and if someone buys a product after opening your link you will get credits!

Commissions Earning Chart

Each product has a unique credit value, and a list of what you can purchase with those credits is provided. Keep in mind that credits are not displayed on your account, but they can easily be calculated by viewing your commissions on your account. They can be redeemed by contacting us here. Start earning now!

Important: You will earn credits in relation to the size of the order. So for example if someone buys 1000 tiktok followers you will earn 100 credits, but if someone buys 10 000 tiktok followers you will earn 1000 credits. Below you can find the base rates of the products on our page.

After a product is bought by you or someone using your link:

1% of the price


100 Tiktok followers – 10 Credits
100 Facebook followers – 10 Credits
100 Instagram Follower – 8 Credits
Credits will be displayed with the $ Symbol on the affiliate account page. 0.10$ = 10 Credits


How many credits you need to redeem the following:

1 follower of any kind (tiktok, instagram, …) – 1 Credit
5 of any other services (likes,…) – 1 Credit


With 100 credits you can buy 100 followers or 500 likes!

How to redeem:

  1. Click Redeem, you will be redirected to our support page.
  2. Enter your account email, the number of credits you would like to redeem, and the service you would like
  3. Enjoy your free services!

Convert Credits to Cash

If you would like to convert your hard earned credits to cash then you came to the right place.

Currently the minimum withdrawal is 1000 credits. 

You can exchange 1 000 credits to 10$ in your currency.

Please open a ticket to request this withdrawal.

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